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The Caring Effect: A conversation on Teen Homelessness

Homeless among teenagers is a rising problem in cities across the United States.  The need for food, shelter and support for these young people is in the rise and you can make a difference.  Join host, Beth Ulrich on this episode of The Caring Effect Radio Show as she takes on this troublesome issue from various viewpoints.  Her guests include Michelle Gerrard a Research Scientist from The Wilder Foundation,  sharing some of the disturbing statistics on teen homelessness, Danielle Ronning, a volunteer with Freeport West, StreetWorks, a non-profit organization working with teens and young adults within Hennepin County, Minnesota and Elisabeth O’Connell, a volunteer with Rezek House, transitional housing for teens wanting to get off the street located in St. Paul, MN.  Get the facts on teen homelessness and hear why so many young people turn to the streets each year.  Learn what you can do to make a difference in your community today.


20/20 Special on Homeless Youth

Homeless Teens on Minnesota’s Iron Range
Documentary by Mesabi Range College Upward Bound students which presents many statistics and stories from homeless teenagers.

MN Homelessness 101
This is another short documentary that shows the statistics of youth homelessness in Minnesota. The purpose of this video is to inspire, motivate, and change the attitudes of youth in the metro area to notice and act upon the issue of youth homelessness and get involved. I hope you enjoy.

Homelessness in Greater Minnesota
Panelist Liz Kuoppala, Executive Director, Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless, talks about homelessness in rural Minnesota at Wilder Research’s Perspectives Breakfast on homelessness held May 25, 2010

Ending Youth Homelessness in Minnesota
Hear stories of homeless youth, and learn what you can to ensure that all kids in Minnesota have a safe and stable place to live.

Safe Haven – Helping Homeless Youth
Safe Haven is a Minnesota-based non-profit whose mission is to create change in the lives of youth and young adults through strength-based services.

Youth Homelessness – The Spoken Word
Michael Lee, youth worker at Avenues for Homeless Youth, shares a spoken word piece on youth homelessness.

Homeless Teens in Twin Cities Metro
WCCO-TV news story about homeless teens in the Twin Cities metro

Minnesota: Video Portrait of Homeless Youth Russel Daye (explicit language)
Russell Daye is 18, homeless, and he loves to sing. “Everybody has their own path.” said Daye, who’s been on the streets of Minneapolis since he moved from Iowa two years ago. “Homeless is just another road bump in that path.” Eventually he hopes to become a District Attorney.

A Place to Call Home Interview Video: Theresa
Theresa, a youth experiencing homelessness in Rochester, MN, shares her experiences.

MPR News: Youth in the Economy: Violence, Poverty, Evictions on the Rise
Justin Terrell, a youth empowerment counselor at South Minneapolis’ Bridge for Runaway Youth, takes Minnesota Public Radio on a tour of the facility while telling us about the differences he’s seeing in the current economic climate- including violence, poverty, and evictions.

Historic Jewish Orphanage is now a Teen Homeless Shelter
Each year, more than 30,000 Minnesota youth find themselves unable to live at home. Since 1919, almost 3,000 of them have lived at a particular North Minneapolis building. When they leave, some return to their own families, some begin new chapters with foster families, colleges, or their own apartments. Some return to the streets.

From a Minnesota History Center exhibit titled “We couldn’t live at home”, co-sponsored by the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest. The project, seeks to stimulate discussion about children and youth who live in foster care, in incarceration, in homeless shelters, couch-hopping and on the streets; the young people who “couldn’t live at home”. Curated by Kate Searls, founder of The Sheltering Home Chronicles.

Video on LifeHouse Shelter in Duluth
An emotional story that puts faces on Life House’s quality work toward effecting systematic change to best meet the changing needs of at risk and homeless youth in Duluth and surrounding communities

The Link – Celebrating 20 years

The mission of The Link is to build a supportive community network that links youth and their families to their inner strength through life skills, education, advocacy, supportive housing and a dynamic network of social services to transform lives. For more information check out our website at


Resources for Youth Preparing for Self-Sufficiency

A Student’s Guide to Ending Homelessness

Guide on Determining Eligibility for Higher Education

Homeless Youth & the Media Part I

Homeless Youth & the Media Part II

Runaway and Homeless Youth Act Update, 2011

Youth Moving Forward Fact Sheet 2011_

Requirements for Education Agencies concerning Homeless Youth

Evaluation of the Homeless and Runaway Youth Act 2009