2011 Legislative update – The 2011 session and government shutdown have come to an end. Funding for the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act, Transitional Housing, Emergency Services, FHPAP, GRH, General Assistance and health care supports were maintained. The Long-Term Homeless Support Services fund was cut $2.3 million in one-time funds that were not renewed.  There was another $20 million cut to the Child and Community Services Act – a grant to counties that goes to fund child protection and child welfare services.

 Shutdown Specific Update: Judge Gearin and Special Master Blatz also made special effort to make clear that homeless services should continue and be viewed as a core function of government. After much government shutdown chaos we are glad to see services are back in action – supporting youth experiencing homelessness and youth in care.   

Runaway and Homeless Youth Act

During the 2006 legislative session the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 256K.45, was passed. This legislation defined homeless youth, youth at-risk of homelessness, runaway youth and the continuum of services for this population. The act also called for the commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services to provide a report on homeless youth, youth at risk of homelessness, runaways, as well as the coordination of services for these youth. (taken from Runaway and Homeless Youth Legislative Report)

Final Legislative Report (PDF)

Runaway and Homeless Youth Legislative Report